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Cladding Cleaning & Restoration

Aluminium or steel is the material of choice for many commercial, industrial and retail building exteriors. Buildings may be either partially or fully cladded with these construction panels.

Regular Cladding Maintenace Avoids Costly Re-Cladding Expense

To avoid discolouration or corrosion to the steel or aluminium, a regular maintenance schedule is required. Without these materials being maintained, expensive re-cladding is inevitable.

Using our cladding cleaning methods, developed over many years experience, we get excellent results with minimal business disruption. We effectively clean your cladding without damaging the panels using a combination of special cleaning agents delivered at low pressure, and using physical agitation to remove contaminants and stains.

At Embassy Cleaning Services we always use the most advanced cleaning technology and methods to provide our clients with the most efficient and cost effective cladding cleaning solution for facility and property maintenance on the Irish market.

Our investment in technology and training allows us to provide a cladding cleaning package which will reduce the lifetime cost of your building maintenance.

We are  fully trained and qualified to clean high level cladding, soffits, roofs and gutters. Our cleaning technicians can safely and quickly access any structure for cleaning. We are always able to provide the most suitable solution to your high level cleaning requirements, whether it requires our 'Reach and Wash' pole fed system or a high level access system.