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Professional Cleaning Services

The Reach and Wash SystemEmbassy Cleaning is Ireland's largest company offering professional window cleaning. Our company’s well-experienced team provides safe and cost effective cleaning services for small and large business.

Cleaning Service for High Buildings and Hard-to-Reach Areas

Our company uses rope access technique to clean areas that are hard to reach. Our team has a vast experience when it comes to abseiling for efficient cleaning and maintenance. We also use Reach and Wash System as an innovative approach to clean windows at high areas.

Unlike traditional methods, abseiling and the Reach and Wash System don't cause any disruptions to your workplace and productivity. There'll be no huge scaffolds or platforms blocking hallways and other areas as we work, making our service a cost effective solution for your cleaning needs.

With Embassy Cleaning, you don’t need to wait long to have your windows cleaned. Our team works with great efficiency, as we set up all equipment so we can start working on your windows immediately.

Why Choose Embassy Cleaning Services?

Embassy Cleaning uses top-of-the-line services to ensure safety and efficiency in work. We also use hydraulic platforms, safety eyebolt, and other equipment to meet your specific cleaning needs. Our staff are all certified and trained to use all equipment for your convenience.

Our company is fully insured. We are C2 registered, possessing a government tax clearance certificate to conduct cleaning service in Dublin and surrounding areas.

Embassy Cleaning strives to deliver exceptional after sales service to clients. With our expertise, expect our staff to get the job done without any delays.